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The 17q12 Foundation and the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) launched a study with global reach to research chromosome 17q12 deletion syndrome and chromosome 17q12 duplication syndrome.


Published April 16, 2024


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Every generous donation goes toward our mission of supporting the 17q12 community. Thank you for the support!

Creating a community for those affected by 17q12 syndromes while raising awareness and encouraging research. ​

Vision of 17q12 Foundation

Through diligent networking and advocacy, the 17q12 Foundation raises awareness, provides up-to-date information, and facilitates resources to affected individuals and families through supporting research of this rare chromosomal anomaly. 

Awareness Day

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July 12 is a day to celebrate individuals with chromosome 17q12 deletion or duplication syndrome while raising awareness. Join in the celebration wherever you are in the world!

July 12

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