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17q12 shirt fundraiser

It's that time of year! 17q12 Awareness Day is right around the corner on July 12. This year's shirt campaign is running until June 11. Check it out here. Thank you for helping us fundraise for the 17q12 community! There is also an option to start your own campaign. Click here to create a free custom design with Bonfire and run your own fundraiser for 17q12 leading up to awareness day. 

Thank you for supporting 17q12 Foundation!  

Creating a community for those affected by 17q12 syndromes while raising awareness and encouraging research. ​

Vision of 17q12 Foundation

Through diligent networking and advocacy, the 17q12 Foundation raises awareness, provides up-to-date information, and facilitates resources to affected individuals and families through supporting research of this rare chromosomal anomaly.