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Awareness Day

We are gearing up for our annual 17q12 Awareness Day. Are you ready? We have a few things to help you get started. Here you can download and share a flyer to help spread the word, our 2021 Awareness Day Facebook profile frame, and a Facebook awareness cover photo. We can't wait to see 17q12 represented by our 17q12 community spread out around the world.  Mark your calendars! July 12th, a day to spread awareness and celebrate individuals affected by a 17q12 duplication or deletion, is just around the corner! 

Facebook profile frame

17q12 facebook profile frame 2021.png

Facebook profile frame

Add a 17q12 frame to your profile photo on Facebook with this year's awareness day frame. Click on the image and it will take you to our special profile frame on Facebook. 


Awareness Day Cover Photo

You can easily download a 17q12 cover photo to add to your Facebook profile, and help spread the word about awareness day. Just click the download icon on the image. 


Awareness Day Flyer

Make a special post on your social media and let your friends and family know that July 12 is awareness day of chromosome 17q12 disorders. You can download our flyer by clicking the download icon on the image. 


17q12 info

We know that most doctors have never heard about chromosome 17q12 disorders, and it is even harder to explain to friends and family. Here is a helpful diagram you can share to help explain what exactly 17q12 means. 



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