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Become a Member of the 17q12 Foundation

Joining the 17q12 Foundation will help keep you up-to-date on the latest information regarding 17q12 deletion and 17q12 duplication syndromes. New members become part of a growing organization of individuals who share the same vision: to improve the quality of life of people with 17q12 deletions and duplications by increasing awareness, advancing research and providing family support.

Benefits of 17q12 Foundation Membership:

•Receive our newsletters, conference announcements, virtual meet-up opportunities, and additional 17q12 Foundation communications

•Access to our private online support group (through Facebook) for individuals and families directly affected by 17q12 syndromes

•Updates on the 17q12 Patient Registry

•Access to our 17q12 Near You program; where we match interested members with members geographically close 

•Our membership list allows us to keep track of the number of individuals with 17q12 that we represent. This is important for researchers to get funding for their projects and for the 17q12 Foundation to apply for grant funding.

•Our membership list also allows us to easily reach out to families when new research opportunities are available. All research participation is optional. Joining the 17q12 Foundation does not automatically enroll you in any research studies or the 17q12 Patient Registry.

Membership Registration

To become a member of the 17q12 Foundation Family, please fill out the information below.

*Please fill out one membership form per family. If you would like to include another email address (i.e. to have both parents included), please indicate that in the comments section*

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