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Thanks to the generosity of others the 17q12 community was able to meet for their first family conference as an official group in 2019. Our next big project is absolutely critical to answer all of the questions that remain unanswered for 17q12 duplication and deletion syndromes: a medical registry. We reached our biggest goal yet as a community and raised enough to cover the initial costs. We are now in the final stages of making the 17q12 medical registry a reality and are close to launching. This year's fundraising goal is to cover the medical registry's annual maintenance costs and to raise enough funds to make another family conference possible. We are small but mighty. Every fundraising effort brings us closer to these goals! 

Are you interested in organizing a fundraiser, but you aren't sure where to start? Please reach out to us at and we can help you get started! Thank you for supporting individuals with a chromosome 17q12 syndrome!

Easy Ways to Fundraise

Amazon Smile

Facebook birthdya campaign.png

One of the easiest ways to fundraise is by creating your own Birthday Facebook Fundraiser. Friends and family can donate to the 17q12 Foundation, and Facebook will not charge any fees. It also helps spread the word about the growing 17q12 community. Read here to learn more about how to launch your own Facebook Fundraiser. 

17q12 shirt campaign 2023-option 3_edited.jpg

The 2023 shirt campaign and past designs are available to order year round. When one order is placed it relaunches the fundraising campaign. You can also customize your own shirt campaign to fundraise for the 17q12 Foundation here. Sharing the campaign with friends and family is an easy way to raise funds for the 17q12 Foundation. 


Double Good Popcorn makes it easy to fundraise for non-profits. For every popcorn sale they donate 50% back to the cause that you choose to fundraise for. You set up a virtual pop-up shop, share your link, they ship the popcorn, and donate the money back to the organizaiton you choose. Please consider fundraising for the 17q12 Foundation.

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